Current race records

Competitor/s Category Year Time
Colin Rolfe Individual Men (North to South) 2000 4h 32m 20s
Andrew Symonds Individual Men 2006 4h 27m 20s
Antonia Wood Individual Woman 1999 5h 35m 49s
Colin Rolfe Individual Veteran Men 2001 4h 45m 20s
Carline Thomas Individual Veteran Woman 2006 5h 35m 45s
Tony Gazley & Chris Tait Teams Men (North to South) 1990 5h 12m 00s
Tony Henry & Pim de Monchy Teams Men 1992 5h 16m 05s
Gordon Balfour & John Arthur Teams Veteran Men (North to South) 2000 6h 55m 24s
Allan Stowell & Chris Tait Teams Veteran Men 2002 6h 07m 19s
Iain Ridgway & Sarah Kleeman Teams Mixed 2006 5h 34m 23s
Gordon Balfour & Julie Gordon Teams Veteran Mixed 2007 6h 28m 40s
Billie Marshall & Cheryl Young Teams Woman 2005 5h 58m 00s
Debbie Mansfield & Julie Gordon Teams Veteran Woman 2003 7h 05m 54s

Race record history

Individual Men
Andrew Symonds 4h 27m 20s 2006
Colin Rolfe 4h 36m 21s 1999 held for 10 years
Colin Rolfe 4h 41m 59s 1998
Colin Rolfe 4h 42m 44s 1996
Phil Wood 4h 48m 07s 1995 held for 1 year
Individual Woman
Antonia Wood 5h 35m 49s 1999
Karen Serjeantson 6h 26m 44s 1998 held for 1 year
Jenny Cossey 6h 48m 32s 1996 held for 2 years
Individual Veteran Men
Colin Rolfe 4h 45m 20s 2001
Chris Tait 4h 56m 10s 1997 held for 4 years
Individual Veteran Woman
Carline Thomas 5h 35m 45s 2006
Carline Thomas 5h 59m 09s 2003
Gillian Ingham 6h 04m 46s 1999 held for 4 years
Sue Little 6h 34m 45s 1998 held for 2 years
Sue Little 7h 09m 28s 1997
Teams Men
Tony Henry Pim de Monchy 5h 16m 05s 1992
Teams Veteran Men
Allan Stowell Chris Tait 6h 07m 19s 2002
Gordon Balfour John Arthur 6h 37m 15s 2001 held for 1 year
Jack Chan John Marshall 7h 25m 14s 1999 held for 2 years
Bruce Benseman Frank Taylor 7h 36m 15s 1998 held for 1 year
Teams Mixed
Cheryl Young David Keen 5h 54m 50s 2002
Arthur Klap Jill Westenra 6h 14m 30s 1998 held for 4 years
Anne Woodly Geoff Mathews 6h 18m 45s 1997 held for 1 year
Antonia Wood Michael Wood 6h 47m 33s 1995 held for 2 years
Kim Austin Allan Stowell 7h 03m 44s 1992 held for 3 years
Teams Veteran Mixed
Gordon Balfour Julie Gordon 6h 28m 40s 2007
Christine Carleton Graeme Lear 6h 37m 37s 2003 held for 4 years
Jo Holden Ross Bidmead 7h 06m 14s 2001 held for 2 years
Herb Christophers Marguerite Christophers 7h 36m 39s 1999 held for 2 years
Teams Woman
Billie Marshall Cheryl Young 5h 58m 00s 2005
Harriette Carr Jenny Cossey 6h 28m 00s 2001 held for 6 years
Harriette Carr Jenny Cossey 6h 45m 31s 1999
Jenni Madgwick Royce Mills 7h 07m 59s 1992 held for 7 years
Teams Veteran Woman
Debbie Mansfield Julie Gordon 7h 05m 54s 2003
Fiona Saunders-Frances Jillian Preston 8h 19m 35s 2001 held for 2 years
Helen Sutherland Sylvia Jackson 9h 37m 43s 1998 held for 3 years

The event was run from Otaki Forks to Kaitoke in 1990, 1991 and 2000. The following records stand seperately; even though it was in the opposite direction there is much more climbing involved, along with the tough Marchant Ridge near the end:

Individual Men
Colin Rolfe 4h 32m 20s 2000
Individual Woman
Carline Thomas 6h 23m 04s 2000
Individual Veteran Men
Allen Berthelsen 5h 26m 10s 2000
Teams Men
Tony Gazley Chris Tait 5h 12m 00s 1990
Teams Veteran Men
Gordon Balfour John Arthur 6h 55m 24s 2000
Teams Mixed
David Leong Jillian Preston 7h 32m 26s 2000
Yvonne Sprey Peter Jeromson 7h 34m 56s 1990
Teams Veteran Mixed
Julie Gordon Michael Walton 8h 13m 39s 2000
Teams Woman
Jenny Cassie Merryl Park 8h 02m 02s 2000